- Tantra, Coaching & Bodywork Retreat -

Vibrate your mind:

- break free from projections and belief patterns
- expand the limitations of the mind and step away from your inner critic
- embrace your existence beyond the game of polarity
- learn on how to create healthy boundaries that serve you for your expansion

Vibrate your (energy) bodies:

- connect with your inner power 
- come back to your center and move from there
- give yourself permission to integrate your uniqueness
- be ready to discover a new version of humanity (without the utopian dream of perfection, but your own
next version of the Self)

Vibrate your Eros:

- learn parts of how to give tantric bodywork sessions & receive 
- liberate your capacity to experience bliss states throughout all the cells in your body
- use the sexual energies as a fuel for living
- reach new levels of self-expression and freedom around your unique sensuality 
- re-pattern your nervous system to build a greater capacity for pleasure




Matilda Gregersdotter is a Master Certified Coach certified by International Coach Federation (ICF), swedish and situated in Reykjavik, Iceland since 20 years. She runs a Coach Training School called Evolvia www.evolvia.is where she is the designer of internationally accredited programs for educating professional coaches, accredited by ICF.

Matilda was born in Stockholm. She travels from her family base life in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Her life is about the most effective ways to enhance transformation a assist the changes and upgrade happening with humans awareness. She has over the years brought advanced programs with coach students to the same site, south of Bordeaux, for deep beautiful weeks of transformational work.

Her up bringing into transformational work started in ontology the science of being and is always developing. She collects sharp methodologies for transformation, she teaches Vedic Art and mixes paint and brushes in awareness raising experience. In EU projects with other nationalities she gained access to Bohm Dialogue, which is a methodology for conscious raising in groups, which gives access core heart and soul beyond what most people have experienced.

Her longing is to release and free souls and she spends her life into a life where each and everyone individual assist each other in this amazing developmental process called life. Sexuality and bodywork come into her work as natural paths for releasing fears and desires - which are access points for our next level.

Matilda is an organizer with ISTA, International School of Temples Arts since a few years, she has training in De-armoring and Tantric Massage Training with Sarita and Dharmaraj. She offers trainings and private session both in coaching and in tantric conscious raising workshops. Warm welcome.

Contact with Matilda:
+354 8223510




Pavel Kremenets from Moscow, Russia.
He will be fresh out of Ultimate Tantric Massage training with Ma Ananda Sarita and Swami Dharmaraj. He will give us the straight transmission for this essential training. The teachings of Ana Sarita who spent 26 years with Osho and now share his wisdom, resonate well with Pasha. From here he will bring his knowledge of conscious touch exercises and some parts of massage, bodywork with energy.

Pasha is brought up with by yogamasters in Russia, so for him yoga has always been in his life, even from childhood. During his adult life Osho Meditations, and a diverse buket of rituals and exercises around tantra has become the field where he gets his practise.

As a being Pasha has a deep presence and brings a special vibration of deep love to life. He feels sincere about listening to the highest wisdom as for him rolemodels are Ana Sarita, Dharmaraj and Anahata Swami. He studied techniques Tao, Kashmiri, Inner Alchemy and Lasya. He will share essential and fundamental concepts as deep conscious touch, states of presence, awareness and energywork. These valuable learnings are not only important in massage but in life as a whole.


We will practice conscious touch and experience different kinds of exercises and parts inspired of these ancient grand methods.

Pasha is an art, technical and creative director, producer, and also his professional everyday life is spent with an international team of divers, where he is making films of nature under water. 

Contact with Pasha
+7 926 147 11 44

We will use different techniques,
such as:

- rituals and shamanic practices
- dance, theatre and arts
- bioenergetics and bodywork
- coaching, you will get a certificate of 10

CCE, Coach Continuous Education Hours, from Evolvia accredited of the International Coach Federation.


• You travel to Bordeaux airport Merignac, and here we pick you up for 30 min cardrive. Very easy. We pick you up.

• Beautiful and romanic 170 year old Château and former vineyard located southeast of Bordeaux, secluded in the middle of rolling winecountry, with the small town of Cadillac within bicycle distance.​

• The area surrounding the Château is distinguished by the wine growing countryside, where wine making families since many generations are our friends, and we will study their art of winemaking which include tasting wines, for thouse who like to do that. The area has also local small restaurants serving good food and wine.

Wi-Fi is in the venue.

We have the whole setting for ourselfs including beautiful areas outside and inside for coursework.


A pool is right by the main building for our use only.

Co-created retreat
We have experienced trainers for the retreat. We act as spaceholders. We will offer our time with our expertise. We also invite guests to co-create and bring some gift of excercises or sharings material or ritual into our time together.


Possible schedual
8 - 9 am morning session, yoga, qigong and more.
9 - 10 am nutrition
10 am - 1 pm session
1 pm - 3 pm free time and nutrition
3 pm - 6 pm session
6 - 9 pm free time and nutrition
9 - 10.30 pm variation of evening sessions, visits, adventures or free evenings

Free days or visits
Three days during the time we will have days off regular session to visit the ocean or real adventures together. These days are optional, everyone is free to join a program or be by themselves.

Your rythm
You are not obliged to any part of the retreat. If you wish to relax only, you are welcome to do so. Participation in program is optional.


Not included
Airfare or trip to Bordeaux
We split foodcost between us the last days.
We might visit restaurants a few times, this is optional and on your own cost.

A new life
Supriya will bring her 2,5 month new baby. This new soul will be around us during the retreat. A presious gift.


French food

We will enjoy the great raw materil from the area, the french humbleness, care and art while cooking. We will together prepare meals in groups devided into one day of serving and enjoying the preparation as a part of our co-creation. This is often very appriciated and amongst the beautiful materials in the kitchen area a lot of magic happend. We split costs of food between us.




Supriya Ermione is a Circus Performer, Butoh Dancer, Art Director, Tantrika and Ayurveda practitioner. Over the years her path brought her to studying Clownerie, Tantra, Yoga, Ayurveda.  

She is trainer in Tao Tantric Arts, sciamanic tantra massage and therapist and she is a counselor; Her passion is using movements, rituals and theater and dance to embody “the art of intimacy”, and inspire artistic projects devoted to conscious relationships and sacred  sexuality.

Supriya is italian, born in the city of love, Verona. She is firmly dedicated to celebrate life through theater, dance and circus. In Italy she initiated two communities dedicated to homeless people and a Circus school. She lives mostly in Italy where she works as an artist, art director and tantrika, otherwise travelling around the world and having her second home is Koh Phangan, Thailand.She was training on intimacy and conscious relationship, on nonviolent communication and process work.She is the founder of Ludica Circo and Tantra Performing Art, and of Italia Tantra Gathering where she is the organizer and the art director.

She teaches the way of the sacred body, the nudity of the sacred clown and she share tantra teachings. She feels that the work of ISTA  and the trainings has brought to her life a deep integration of polarity, so that she can play even better with al kind of polarity so much that the play became the manifestation of a magic union in the tribe, she is now creating a tribe in italy called Italia Tantra Gathering to elevate human spirit and heal the shame, guilt,and fear in the land of Italy.

Contact with Supriya:
+39 3479121866

Arrival the 3th of June - end at 15th.
We pick up at Bordeaux airport Merignac or trainstation.
Transport takes 30 min from airport to venue. We also drive you back to airport or trainstation day of departure.


12 day retreat period
Lodging in dubble rooms
Training with facilitators
Use of cars and visits
Visits at winefarmers in the neighbourhood.
Visits and surprises

Deposit 500 eur (65.000 ISK) 
- full price 1480 eur (deposit included)

Size of group, only 15 participants.
Please claim your spot with completing your registration fee here below.

Full payment is completed before 30th of April. More information is sent after registration.

Warm welcome!
More information about registration


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