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This is an embodied exploration of Tantra, Argentine Tango, the emotional body, consent and intimacy. With the curiosity of explorers embarking on a voyage of discovery, we explore the spaces where the emotional body meet Classical & Trans-Himalayan Tantra through the lens of Argentinian Tango. In the state of flow, we explore the expansiveness of our own emotional bodies dancing between form and field.


We activate our emotional bodies. Journeying into the state of flow, we create intimacy with ourselves first, and then explore authentically sharing intimacy with others in a safe container.
We explore the nuances of the stages (mental, physical, emotional, energetic, sensual, etc) of intimacy with tenderness & buoyancy.

We are human beings in animal bodies, and also energy beings. As primates, movement is still our primal mother tongue. Through movement, we uncover unconscious patterns and emotions, acknowledge the hidden power of our desires, and bring them into conscious awareness. 

We are also energy beings. Energy is always in (e)-motion. With a new awareness of our emotional body, we create interactions with our energetic-selves to experience our quantum nature.

When mind, heart, belly, sex, animal, and soul taste resonance with each other, transformation unfolds from this extraordinary state of being. There are moments when we break through the conditioning of the mind in pain, but pleasure is an extraordinary facilitator into this extraordinary state of being.



Practical skills to activate the social engagement nervous system, parasympathetic system & to stimulate of vagal tone. This supports you to increase resilience to period of stress.

– Experience how personal transformation can unfold from a state of pleasure, rather than a state of pain or dissatifaction.

– Reconnect with your emotional body.

– Connect with your subtle sexuality, the refined movements of sexual energy in the body.

– Uncover and own the hidden power of your desire and emotional triggers.

– Expand & deepen your intimacy in relating with yourself, and others.

We are also energy beings, and energy is always in (e)-motion. With a new awareness of our emotional body, we create interactions with our energetic selves to experience our quantum nature.


This workshop is suitable for everyone interested in exploring the power of their emotions. Some people attend as sovereign single beings, while others attend with a partner.



Binoy is the creator of the Love Movement Evolution and the Its Cold Up North Dance Tango Projects. He supports human beings in the process of making their consciousness malleable, to feel the sacredness of their animal-selves, and from a place of deeper alignment in their beings to remember their deepest longing. He creates containers for that process in groups, and also works one-on-one.He is a dancer, a warrior of love, a stand-up and sit down comedian in training, a student of life, & an apprentice faculty at ISTA, the International school of the Temple Arts.

Read more about his journey here:

ISTA Level 1
Shamanic Sexual Spiritual Experience, SSSEx.
The International School of the Temple Arts will be held in Iceland January 2019. More info here.


- Wear loose comfortable clothing and bring socks that slide easily on a floor.

No prior experience of tango required

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